Tony Ashcroft

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Incident summary

Collision with green Citroen Saxo on the A510 near the junction with Sidegate Lane at Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Sustained injuries which proved fatal the following day.

Ashcroft was struck from behind by driver Angela Willshire, who did not see him despite his lights and high-visibility jacket, and who could not explain her error. At the time, her licence had been revoked by the DVLA (for reasons unknown) but she was allegedly unaware of this.

A collision investigator estimated that Aschroft would have been visible to Willshire for more than five seconds prior to the collision.

Legal summary

Willshire was convicted of causing death by careless driving on 23 November at Northampton Crown Court. She was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment (of which she is likely to serve half) and was banned from driving for two years.